Even though the material we’re distributing is of highest quality, anybody can sell material.

That which makes us special is our ability to transform a sheet of acrylic into a finished product of any sort using our extensive knowledge of working with this material, state of the art machinery and constantly upgraded manufacturing technology. Boxes, display stands, awards, light guided panels, signs, furniture… You come to us with an idea, we turn that idea into a product.

Last but certainly not least important, our quality standards are at a highest possible level.

Laser cutting

Laser engraving

Bending, milling, drilling, routing



Filling of engravings with paint

UV printing and screen printing on acrylic

Manufacturing of backlit acrylic signs and display panels

Custom made boat windows

Laser cutting and engraving

lasersko rezanje akrila

CNC laser cutting machines give us the ability to cut any kind of shape out of acrylic with great precision, with maximum dimension of cutting up to 2x3m and up to 30mm of thickness. Laser cut edge is shiny and even, with no visible damage due to heat. 
We can engrave everything from simple letters to complex high-res images.

Another great option we’re able to offer is engravig of light guided panels, the purpose of which is to maximize the output of light throughout the panel and to ensure an even distribution of light.

This is an excellent choice for lighting, especially when combined with PERSPEX LIGHT range of products.

Gluing the acrylic

Gluing is a process that requires a high quality adhesive bonding solution and even more importantly, expertise in applying said solution. We have both.

We glue acrylic materials of any thickness, color and shape and we’re especially proficient in bonding clear acrylic materials, where it’s extremely important that the joint is invisible.

Bending, milling, drilling, routing and polishing the acrylic

With these methods of shaping arylic we’re able to manufacture even the most complex of products for any kind of application.

polirani pleksi

Polishing is very important when a product has high requirements regarding visual quality. Our technology enables us to guarantee that the products will remain polished, regardless of time passed, and will show no discoloration or any loss of visual quality.

Filling the engravings with paint,
UV printing and screen printing

We offer a variety of choices for you to design your product to be as unique and as visually appealing as it possibly can be. Whether you’re looking to make simple keychain pendants, signs for any sort of application or a product with a more complex graphical identity, you can choose the production method that most suits your needs. Also, our employees are at your service at all times and will offer expert advice regarding any question you may have in order to help you decide what’s best for your company and your product. 

Fabrication of backlit acrylic display panels and custom signs

Backlit acrylic signs are a wonderful option for promoting businesses, especially when made from PERSPEX, because of virtually infinite design options due to an unparalleled selection of colors, thickneses and effects.

In combination with a durable construction and quality lighting that we offer, the end result you get is both spectacular and long-lasting.

Backlit acrylic display panels are an excellent way to attract customers attention to a product, and our display panels are thinner, emmit more light and are of better quality than other options on the market. Contact us and see for yourself. 

pleksi brodska stakla

Fabrication of custom boat widows

This part of our business offer includes drawing a vector outline of the window based on your sample, laser-cutting the acrylic of selected thickness and color, and finally, thermoforming the window into it’s final shape. Whether your window requires just simple bending or thermoforming with molds, we make anything possible.

With it’s ease of fabrication, UV resistancy, weathrproof qualities and lower cost of production, PERSPEX acrylic makes for an ideal choice for any boat renovation.


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