LED acrylic display panels

Specially developed PERSPEX EDGE i G-LUX materials, combined with our expert knowledge and experience give us the ability to manufacture acrylic display panels for every application from commercial purposes to light guided panels for lighting.

Acrylic boxes and display stands

Acrylic is highly applicable in production of display boxes and display stands, because of it’s premium look. Our expertise in working with acrylic guarantees that the final product will be made according to your specifications and with impeccable visual quality.

Acrylic commercial signs and custom business signs

Acrylic is an excelent choice for commercial and business signs because of it’s durability, premium looks and almost limitless design possibilities. 

Laser cut letters, gluing, engraving and filling the engravings with paint, backlight… These are just some of the methods we use to make your signs more eye-catching.

Trophies and awards

Every year there are numerous events that require these kinds of products and it’s a well known fact that acrylic trophies and awards look exquisite.

With very few restrictions imposed by the material and our know-how, your design options are limited only by imagination. Should you find yourself without ideas, our creative designers will work out a solution for you. 


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